One person may praise the person’s fabulous Instagram feed, while another may view it as vain and cringeworthy.

For some people everything is a show. For superficial people it is not about living a full life. It is about the Instagrammable life.

Superficiality also takes in the territory of vanity , they are big drivers of the massive vanity economy : cosmetic surgery, dentistry, body sculpting and even apps to make photos superficial.

They are the ones who spend more time getting the selfie right and posing the picture than being with you. They will often react defensively when their self is critiqued or pointed out.

Superficiality becomes pathological when it entails being so focussed on external variables that the person expends disproportionate resources on creating a too good to be true facade to share with the world.

It’s all skin deep.

to create excitement amongst fans, Netflix has released ‘The Money Heist Fan Anthem’ ahead of the show’s release.

The music video ‘Jaldi Aao’ is a recreation of the show’s iconic title track ‘Bella Ciao’, and is a celebration of everything ‘Money Heist’. The anthem is composed by EDM artiste Nucleya.

Although not all retailers understand how to harness popularity profitably, media giant Netflix learned that lesson from its own data and began operating on it immediately.

According to technology and entertainment reporter Nicole LaPorte (2018), the company had “long prided itself on being highly secretive about things like watch-time and ratings, gleefully reveling in the fact that because Netflix doesn’t have to answer to advertisers, it doesn’t need to reveal any numbers.”

But in an unexpected 2018 policy reversal, it began off-loading reams of information about its most successful offerings.

In its letter to shareholders, Netflix rattled off titles and…

the relationship between a sport and an earnest fan is anything but gamelike. It is dead serious.

In the context of sports, look at Cricket world cup semi-finals - 1996 at Eden garden. After the loss of Sachin Tendulkar’s prized wicket sections of the crowd began to throw fruit and plastic bottles onto the field. The players left the field for 20 minutes in an attempt to quieten the crowd. When the players returned for play, the eccentric crowd threw bottles onto the field, and fires were lit in the stand. Match referee Clive Lloyd awarded the match to Sri Lanka, the first default ever in a Test or One Day International.

So we want our affliated…

Take a selfie that shows a front view of your face and print it. Then, go back to the selfie on your phone and edit it to show a reverse image (so that the right and left sides of your faces are interchanged), and print that also.

You will have a pair of pictures- one that shows you as actually you look (the second) & one that shows your reversed image (the first).

Now decide which version of your face you like better and ask a good friend to make the choice too.

If you are like the majority of…

“ Tara had been successful at academics and also played for her school’s football team. But jealous seniors in the squad picked on her due to her weight.

Tara could have perhaps handled their constant comments were it not for the fact that girls around her were going out on dates, but no boy had asked her out yet. …

a business sector that makes money-gathering consumers’ attention and then repackaging and selling it to advertisers.

This economy traces back to 1830 when the newspaper publisher Benjamin Day launched the New York Sun, the first penny press newspaper.

Up to that point, publishers considered their readers to be their customers and saw their goal as providing a product good enough to convince people to pay to read it.

Day’s innovation was to realize that his readers could become his product and the advertisers his customers. His goal became to sell as many minutes of his readers’ attention as possible to the advertisers.

The idea — you gather a crowd, and you’re not interested in that crowd…

There is an interesting tool called tweet deck to declutter all the digital noise.

TweetDeck allows you to perform sophisticated searches to better understand Twitter trends.

One important search function provided by this tool for example is thresholding.


Desh bhagat once a compulsive social media user & armchair activist searches for a certain topic, say #GoBackCM and then sets a threshold in TweetDeck that allows him to listen to this topic, but only tweets with 100 likes or retweets.

He can further refine this and say just show me the verified Twitter accounts.

Thresholding is just one type of…

Once upon a time, we were all human beings!

Today, compulsive use is the foundation for many social media business plans.

“An endless bombardment of news and gossip and images has rendered us, manic information addicts. It broke me. It might break you, too.”

In an open marketplace for attention, darker emotions attract more eyeballs than positive and constructive thoughts. For heavy internet users, repeated interaction with this darkness can become a source of draining negativity — a steep price that many don’t even realize they’re paying to support their compulsive connectivity.

Solitude deprivation

A state in which you spend close to…

When a social outcast feels that he or she no longer has control over future social integration, they will resort to aggression.

In war-torn regions, it had been standard practice for husbands and wives to travel separately in case of an attack so at least one survivor could take care of the children.

Propaganda war

In most wars, people believe what they want to believe!

‘CNN effect’.

Saddam Hussein had adopted a flawed strategy in the 1991 Gulf war. …

One-sided relationships and interactions where fans obsess over celebrities and other prominent public figures.

People develop unique behaviors with idols such as political leaders, celebrities of television shows, or vloggers on YouTubers who share their agenda & lives with their followers in a very one-sided way.

By letting people in on their lives through content they have created themselves, interviews, and media stories, the audience gets to know them in such a way where they know very personal details about the person they are watching when that person knows next to nothing about the individuals in their audience.

The audience feels like they know, and trust, the person they consume content from on a…

Allan Joshua

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