Allan Joshua

One person may praise the person’s fabulous Instagram feed, while another may view it as vain and cringeworthy.

For some people everything is a show. For superficial people it is not about living a full life. It is about the Instagrammable life.

Superficiality also takes in the territory of vanity , they are big drivers of the massive vanity economy : cosmetic surgery, dentistry, body sculpting and even apps to make photos superficial.

They are the ones who spend more time getting the selfie right and posing the picture than being with you. They will often react defensively when their self is critiqued or pointed out.

Superficiality becomes pathological when it entails being so focussed on external variables that the person expends disproportionate resources on creating a too good to be true facade to share with the world.

It’s all skin deep.